About Us

Pharmada Pharmaceuticals, has been growing up in pharmaceutical industry of Turkey, having licenced and contract manufacturing drugs in its product portfolio. While carrying out their activities under subcontracting and co- marketing project, Pharmada Pharmaceuticals is also open to cooperation with other local and foreign companies.

Pharmada offers medicines for human use manufactured in Turkey's most modern factories in its portfolio. Pharmada is committed to create a continuous value and work for human health via taking an active role both in Turkey and worldwide.


Current GMP certificates of the production facility:

  • GMP certification from German Health Authorities since 1997
  • GMP certification from Greece since 2014
  • GMP certification from Ukraine since 2015
  • GMP certification from Turkey
  • GMP certification from EMA (European Medicines Agency)

Current quality certificates of the production facility:

•    ISO 9001 certification from BVQI since 2003
•    ISO 10002 certification from BVQI since 2010
•    ISO 14001 certification from BVQI since 2012
•    OHSAS 18001 certification from BVQI since 2012
•    Environmental permit from Turkey since 2014