About Us

Pharmada İlaç is constantly improving itself in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with the drugs it has licensed and contracted for. While continuing its activities within the scope of contract manufacturing and joint marketing projects, it is also open to cooperation with other domestic and foreign companies. Pharmada Pharmaceuticals offers in its portfolio the human drugs that it produces in Turkey's most modern factories. It has adopted the principle of creating continuous value and working for human health by setting the target to take an active role in Turkey and in the world.
Our production facility produces in accordance with European good manufacturing practices and has GMP certificates issued by European authorities for many years.


As Pharmada İlaç A.Ş., our Quality Policy;


•To realize and continuously improve product quality in line with customer requests and future expectations,
•To keep supply relations strong,
•To ensure compliance with TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements and continuous improvement of the system,
•To work with strong budget management and stable budgets,
•To work with different alternative economic plans,
•To work with products with intense market share and strong sales team,
•To constantly satisfy the appropriately selected employees,
•To ensure the active participation of the employees in the operation of the management system,
•To ensure the continuous development and awareness of the employees through trainings in order to ensure their efficiency and contribution to the operation,
•To follow the legal processes to direct the activities,
•To benefit from risk assessment in the management of existing processes,
•To ensure the shipment of the requested products in accordance with the quality conditions,
•To be an organization that is always preferred by increasing its success in the sector day by day and thus aims to continuously increase its share in the market.

As Pharmada İlaç A.Ş., our Environmental Policy;


•To ensure the safety of the environment in each of our activities,
•To determine the environmental effects of the activities implemented in all our workplaces, to prevent or minimize the pollution to be caused by the identified risks and to ensure the protection of the environment,
•To ensure compliance with TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System requirements and continuous improvement of the system,
•To allocate resources for the protection and improvement of the environment, to carry out studies by making use of scientific and technological developments,
•To comply fully with environmental laws and regulations,
•To continuously create training opportunities to increase environmental awareness within the organization to ensure that our employees have the necessary awareness to protect the environment,
•To be sensitive to the environment by constantly reducing waste production,
•To consider the environmental approaches of organizations in the selection of suppliers; To establish an open, active and productive cooperation with the suppliers we work with within the scope of our environmental policy and to increase the environmental awareness of these organizations,
•To reduce the use of natural resources, to prevent pollution, to dispose of wastes appropriately, to support efficient energy use with the awareness that the environment we are in is entrusted to us.


As Pharmada İlaç A.Ş., our Occupational Health and Safety Policy;


•To follow the developing technologies and methods in the similar sector or in the world on occupational health and safety issues and to ensure that they are applicable within our company,
•To ensure the implementation and continuous improvement of the TS EN ISO 45001 OHS Management System,
•To ensure the prevention of workplace accidents and health deterioration by keeping occupational health and safety at the highest level,
•Ensuring complete compliance with applicable legal regulations and other conditions,
•To prevent the negative effects that may occur on the health of our employees, subcontractor employees and every person who will be affected by our activities,
•To take all necessary measures and to provide protection to control the accidents, damages and dangers that may occur to our own and other persons' property and property at the very beginning,
•To ensure continuous improvement in the implementation of occupational health and safety by ensuring that our employees and subcontractor employees receive their training in a complete and timely manner,
•In this direction, by improving the occupational health and safety awareness of our employees, to make the understanding of the OHS management system the culture of company
•Turkey GMP Certificate
•EMA (European Medicines Agency) GMP Certificate.
•GMP certification from Turkey (PIC/S GMP) 
•GMP Certification From Denmark (EU-GMP)
•Croatia GMP Certificate-2021
Current quality certificates of Contract Manufacturing facilities:
•BSI- ISO 9001 Certificate, 2018
•BSI - ISO 14001 Certificate, 2018
•BSI - ISO 45001 Certificate, 2018
Pharmada İlaç current quality certificates:
•   ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate
•   ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate
•   ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate