Pharmada pharmaceuticals started its activities in 1998 with the name Berkfarma. Since 1998, Pharmada continues growing by adding new products to its portfolio to increase the life quality of patients.

In addition to providing scientific support and training activities as well, high quality and reliable products constitute an important part of the Pharmada mission.


2019: Caspofungin product was launched.

2018: Teicoplanin and Vancomycin were launched.

2017: Tirofiban was launched.

2016: Noreprin (Norepinephrine bitartarate) was launched.

2016: Fluxate (Flumazenil) was launched.

2015: Loseprol (Omeprazole) was launched.

2015: Parikalsi (Paricalcitol) was launched.

2015: Zoldria (Zoledronic Acid) vial was launched.

2015: Lekarnitin (Levocarnitine) ampoule was launched.

2015: Paloxitron (Palonosetron HCl) ampoule was launched.

2015: Pamidria (Pamidronate Disodium) vial was launched.

2014: Midolam (Midazolam) ampoule was launched.

2014: Atrasyl (Atracurium Besilate) ampoule was launched.

2014: Calderol (Calcitriol) ampoule was launched.

2013: Gratryl (Granisetron HCl) ampoule was launched.

2013: Gudef Syrup was launched.

2013: Berkfarma title was changed into Pharmada.

2005: Cefridem (Ceftriaxon Sodium) joined the product portfolio.

1999: Defeks syrup joined the product portfolio.

1998: Pharmada Pharmaceuticals started its activities in 1998 with the name Berkfarma.